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The challenges and benefits of concert management

Posting : Jumat, 04/03/2016

On 22 February 2016 the institute of church music held a lecture on concert organizing. The lecture was held by Martin Schäfer, owner of GCM – Gospel Concert Management. 

Martin is a German producer of the American gospel choir “The Gospel People“. With “The Gospel People” he organized concerts in Europe and many parts of Asia. Furthermore he organized concerts in Germany with designated artists like Tommy Emmanuel and Hillsong United. 

On his visit to UKRIM he presented his diverse work of a producer, event manager, tour manager. He showed how much work and effort is needed to organize a concert or even a tour. Martin first was working as a trained carpenter and seller of fax machines before he got in contact with the music business. It started when he made an internship for the Christian musical “Joseph”. Later he organized his first concerts with the American gospel choir “The Gospel People”. After he established the group in his home area with around 20 concerts per year, he is now heading to other continents, organizing more than 50 concerts per year. To organize a tour, he spent several months to find venues, making contacts with local partners and churches, making advertisement and organizing the necessary equipment. Important is an efficient routing to save time and money, when they are on tour. 

Managing concerts is always connected with an uncertainty and financial risks. But for Martin it is not about a regular income. He likes the work in different areas, organizing concerts in different parts of the world and the satisfying moments, when people are really touched by the music and the good news. He does what he loves to do, and he does it for God.

When Martin closed his presentation by showing videos of his last concerts, the spark of enthusiasm spread also to the participants of this seminary. 

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